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Strömsö Club is one of the premier country clubs in Finland. The club is operating on the island of Strömsö, where the services and amenities are exclusively available only for the Strömsö Club members.
Strömsö Club produces and maintains the leisure activities, catering, restaurant and accommodation services in the island of Strömsö. Club membership entitles you to use the island's services and spend time in the island's beach and pool area and use the marina, tennis courts, golf range, stables and riding field. Strömsö club members are also able to purchase boat slips in our mainland marina in Möviken, Barösund.
​The Club organizes events such as tennis and golf competitions, theme evenings in the restaurant, yoga courses, art camps, tennis lessons, swimming school, water aerobics, etc., in the pool area. We also have hairdressing, manicure, and pedicure services available for our members. The Club also runs the island restaurant and accommodation services. Only Strömsö Club members and their guests have the right to use these services. Strömsö Club members also have fishing rights to Strömsö's comprehensive 1500 hectare own water areas and they are invited to autumn waterfowl and deer hunts if interested in hunting.

Strömsö Club membership is family-based and consists of a one-time entry fee and an annual fee. The family membership entry fee for this season is €9500 and the annual fee is €950. Future prices might rise if more services and amenities come available.  Strömsö Club membership is open to all Strömsö residents, but also other Strömsö lovers, like families owning vacation properties nearby or to boaters frequently passing Strömsö.

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