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Located in the Tammisaari archipelago, Strömsö Island offers unique seaside plots and spectacular Villas. 


Genuine archipelago only one hour west from Helsinki metropolitan area. The Island of Strömsö, about 320 hectares in size, is located at the border between Raasepori and Inkoo. Strömsö is offering a perfect setting for swimming, sunbathing, boating, fishing, hunting, tennis, golf, horseback riding, and outdoor activities - not forgetting the unique nature on the island and in the archipelago. Services for the island's residents and its social network make Strömsö a unique holiday paradise - island idyll at its best. All Strömsö residents are offerd connection boat mooring palace in our mainland harbor in Barölandet, Inkoo. You arrive at the island of Strömsö from Helsinki metropolitan area in about an hour, first by car to connect boat harbor and then a short boat ride to Strömsö. Alternatively, the whole journey from Helsinki to Strömsö by motorboat is just over an hour. Taxi boat service from connection harbor to Strömsö and back is also available.

Unique seaside plots

Strömsö's unique and large seaside plots allow the building of highly personalized holiday homes. Plots are about one hectare in size and the shoreline is plenty, sometimes more than 100 meters. You can choose many different types of views. Open sea view to the horizon, a view of islands, sandy beach, or rocky shores. Each plot also includes its own water area at the front of the plot. Strömsö general plan allows building rights of 200 m2 per plot. The shores of Strömsö are mostly deep, so it is possible to park almost any size of yacht right in front of your custom-made holiday home. Water, sewer, and electricity networks are at the back border of each Strömsö plot. Very fast mobile internet connection is available everywhere on the island.

Spectacular Villas

In the central area of Strömsö, we are building approx. 40 different size Villas. The first Strömsö villas were completed in 2008 and currently, there are over 20 Villas ready and new ones under construction. Villas are offered on a turnkey basis and provide carefree leisure living.

Most Villas have panoramic sea views and all are equipped with modern amenities including large, partly covered terrace areas. 

The island's services, which are available for island property owners and Strömsö Club members only, are mostly located around the Villa areas in central Strömsö. They include a heated swimming pool area and beach, tennis courts, golf range, stables, and riding field. A very good quality restaurant is also located in central Strömsö, near the island marina.


Book a time and come to visit Strömsö, a true private island paradise!

Strömsö is at Finland's most desired holiday home location


Its location must be one of Strömsö's greatest values. The island is located in the village of Snappertuna at the border of the municipalities of Raasepori and Inkoo, some 85 kilometers from Helsinki. Strömsö's location at the Tammisaari archipelago's outskirts gives property owners the true feeling of an actual archipelago with the closest proximity to Helsinki. The main island is surrounded by many smaller islands and rocky islets, so the shores of Strömsö are nicely protected. The connection boat ride from the harbor to the island is well marked and very protected. The trip takes only about 10 minutes and basically, any type of boat is suitable for the trip.


59° 55' 57 N
23° 46' 30 E


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Strömsö offers plenty of services for both leisure activities and maintaining your own property. We have designed a range of services in Strömsö with the idea, that second homes do not have to be labor camps and when children have things to do and friends to play with, adults will also enjoy their vacation. The swimming pool area and restaurant Pavilion are the main hubs where people from the island come to meet each other and socialize. In Strömsö we can also provide property management services as well as cleaning and maintenance services for our property owners, which makes Strömsö also is an attractive place to own property even if you are not able to use it all year round.


In the leisure activity area, our most significant investment has been our 25-meter long heated swimming pool. The pool area includes the swimming pool plus a children's pool surrounded with approximately 1500 m2 of terraces. To complete the setting for beautiful summer days, the swimming pool area is right next to our natural sand beach. The pool water is heated to about 27 degrees, so the bathing season in Strömsö is from the beginning of June to the end of August. 

The two tennis courts are in good use as the tennis community is very active in Strömsö. Players of all levels enjoy the courts and we have full-time Pro on the island during the summer months. The golf range is also well used by Club members who like to take practice swings on the island between their rounds in nearby golf courses. Strömsö is also probably one of the only places in the Finnish archipelago where you can take your own horse with you when going on summer vacation. We have a full-service stable with both grass and sand fields.Hunting and fishing enthusiasts as well as nature lovers find a lot of possibilities in Strömsö.

In addition to the main Strömsö island, our property consists of around 100 smaller islands. There are excellent possibilities to go exploring and camping nearby islands as well as fish and hunt waterfowl in our 2000 hectare water areas. Strömsö Club also organizes deer hunts for members during hunting season. One of our very outer islands also has docking and shelter for camping. Forests on the main island have many paths which are easy and nice to walk even with children. In archipelagos mild climate, the berry and mushroom yields are generally good.

Restaurants and Catering

Strömsö’s own restaurant Pavilion is open for Club members during the summer months. Approximately 80 seat restaurant offers traditional fresh archipelago type of food from lunch to dinner. Club also organizes events and theme evenings in the restaurant, which have become tremendously popular among club members. A good selection of wine and champagne also available during the season. There are also catering services available if you want to host events in your own villa.

Cleaning, transportation services and

property maintenance & construction

Cleaning services are available from one-time use to weekly service contracts. Property Maintenance services cover all the vacation home owner's needs. We handle all normal property maintenance services and have contractors for dredging, pier delivery, engineering, and building works. Our experienced architect partners will help with any scale of planning work. We can arrange the transportation of building materials and other heavy materials from the mainland to Strömsö. For Strömsö residents, there is also a Taxi boat service available between the island and the mainland.



The archipelago's nature is indescribably beautiful, but also fragile and vulnerable. In Strömsö, we have invested heavily in the well-being of nature and the environment.


Waste management and recycling

Waste management in Strömsö is centralized. On the island, there are waste collection containers below ground, where residents sort their household waste and they are transported off the island by the island's waste management company. Currently, we collect, sort, and recycle paper, cardboard, energy materials, glass and metal in containers of their own. During high season, we also offer domestic hazardous waste collection points. We are also looking into collecting and reusing biowaste. We have built a unique all-island comprehensive water and sewerage system. Each plot sold in Strömsö has a connection to water, sewer, and electricity network. All black and gray waters of houses in Strömsö are directed to the central biochemical cleaning plant, which exceeds all norms in cleaning efficiency. Naturally, all of Villa-areas are also part of the water and sewerage system.

Water Network

All plots sold in Strömsö also have a connection to the water network. The water is produced by a modern and highly efficient reverse osmosis technology, using seawater, so the island's aquifer is not over-consumed. This guarantees a virtually unlimited amount of water for all Strömsö residents.

Motor Vehicles

As part of our environment and welfare-oriented philosophy, we have banned the use of motor vehicles on the road network of the island. This means, that in Strömsö people move around on foot or by bike with exception of the electric golf carts and similar electric vehicles which are allowed. This greatly restricts the noise level on the island and increases the comfort of all the residents.

It also means that it is safe for the children and joggers to move around the island's great 15 km long road network when there is no danger of fast ATV or dirt bikes coming around the corner.


Boat Speeds

We have also limited the boat speeds close to the Strömsö shores and beaches, so swimmers and boats in mooring are safe and it is more pleasant for the residents overall.

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