Strömsö Club

Strömsö Club is a company that produces and maintains the leisure activities, catering, restaurant and accommodation services in the island of Strömsö. Club membership entitles you to use the islands services and spend time in the islands beach and pool area and use the marina. Strömsö club members are also first in line, if applying for the boat slips in our mainland marina in Möviken Strömsö Club operates the heated swimming pool and beach area in the island.


The club also organizes yearly summer parties and other programs, such as childrens swimming school, water aerobics etc., in the pool area. The island's future tennis courts, golf range and riding areas are also services the Strömsö Club offers. It is also produces islands restaurant, cafeteria and accommodation service. Only Strömsö Club members and their guests have the right to use these services. Strömsö Club members also have fishing rights to islands comprehensive 1500 hectare Strömsö's own water areas and they will be invited to autumn deer hunts if interested in hunting.


Strömsö Club membership is family-based and consists of one time entry fee and annual fee. The family membership entry fee for the 2014 season is EUR 7500 annual fee EUR 950. Future prices will rise each year as more services are available. When all the planned services are available, the entry fee should be EUR 10,000 and an annual fee of around EUR 1.000. Strömsö Club offers also corporate memberships, which is are prized according to the needs and estimated usage of Strömsö services. Strömsö Club membership is open to the all Strömsö residents, but also to other Strömsö lovers. You can fill out the attached Strömsö Club membership application and submit it for approval.


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